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St. Benedict Press Tries Magalogs, Email, Social to Reach Catholics

   St. Benedict Press is using a combination of magalogs, social media and email marketing to reach a new audience beyond its house file.

The Charlotte, NC-based company markets downloadable videos and audio recordings to Roman Catholics.

Beginning in December, St. Benedict Press will send out 100,000 pieces of a new magalog to prospect names from 23 lists of Catholics it believes may want to learn more about the faith, says Rick Rotondi, vice president of new business development.
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Religious Marketer Tries to Reach Younger Audience

   The Printery House is reworking its direct marketing and search strategy to increase efficiency and appeal to a younger audience.

The Conception, MO-based nonprofit cataloger of religious greeting cards and gifts started the process earlier this year by analyzing the activity of its customer file.

"We realized that we had been mailing to a bunch of older customers who had been on our files and hadn't been productive for several years," says Roy Haas, director sales and marketing for the organization, which is affiliated with Benedictine monasteries.
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Catholic Mailer Looking To Beef Up E-Campaigns 6-11

   A Roman Catholic religious order received a 3% response rate and raised about $100,000 from its first e-mail and web campaign to benefit victims of the tsunami in Japan.

Now, the Capuchin Order of the Province of St Mary is looking to increase its online presence both in fundraising and donor communication, says John DeGraaf, the organization's associate director of development.
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Test Lists Outside Your Comfort Zone 4-11

   The other day the family decided to go out to a new restaurant.

My younger son, Brad, a very stubborn 14 year old, ordered pizza, as always.

My wife and I grumbled and asked him, “Why do you always order the same thing everywhere we go?”

“I don't know, I guess I know what works for me. I always get pizza because I'm used to it and I like it,” he replied.
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Second Chances: A Guide to Retesting Files 2-11

   Life is full of second chances. You may try a restaurant more than once to determine how good their food is. You might see a movie by an actor who was once in a movie you hated. You might even go on a second date with someone even if the chemistry wasn't there the first time out. So why wouldn't you retest a file and give it a second chance?

There are many variables that come into play when using a list, so it seems logical to give it another try if the response the first time wasn't quite what you'd hoped. Let's look at these variables.
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Catholic Charities of Dallas 11-10

   Since September, Catholic Charities of Dallas (CCD) has raised more than $46,000 through brand new e-mail and online efforts - exceeding its usual annual amount from direct mail, said Rosemary Tarangioli, assistant director of development and communications.

The organization sends out one direct mail appeal each year to about 8,500 recipients and raises between $25,000 and 40,000, she says.
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