Trinity Direct Solutions


We are delighted to present Trinity Direct consulting services. Our vision is to forge a fundraising program encompassing new donor acquisition, renewal mailings, vendor management, and major and planned gift initiatives. Our aim is to establish donor renewal and acquisition programs, enabling our clients to achieve their goals and secure a sustainable revenue source. Our passion for nonprofit fundraising fuels our eagerness to share our experience and market insights, offering a collaborative partnership to assist you in reaching your objectives.


Trinity Direct, a family-owned company with nearly 30 years of dedicated service, has built a remarkable track record of success within the Catholic and non-profit community. We’ve collaborated with a diverse range of organizations, from small-scale operations to large entities with hundreds of employees. Every client receives our unwavering commitment, and we take pride in delivering optimal results. Originating as a list broker and manager with database programming services, Trinity Direct evolved alongside our clients’ growing needs, expanding services through attentive development and trusted partnerships to offer comprehensive solutions.


Trinity Direct provides all-encompassing services to maximize donor engagement and return on investment under one roof. With over 100 years of direct marketing experience, we are equipped to initiate programs from scratch or enhance existing operations. Our all-hands-on-deck approach, coupled with valuable insights, advances our clients’ missions. We offer a complete range of services for a successful program, including copywriting, design, scheduling, renewal and acquisition strategies with a focus on Long Term Donors, digital solutions, data processing and hygiene, printing, program and vendor management, and everything in between. As your partner, we deliver timely results aligned with your goals.