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Meet Our Team

The heart of Trinity Direct is its people—professionals who are experts in their fields and who have a big heart for the clients and missions they serve.

Take a moment, and get to know us.

John P. Kehoe

Founder and CEO

With an extensive tenure of over 30 years in the non-profit sector, John Kehoe stands as a stalwart advocate for organizations dedicated to healthcare, faith-based initiatives, and similar noble causes. The inception of Trinity Direct was driven by John’s vision to furnish fundraising services tailored to the unique needs of these organizations, underlining his unwavering commitment to the success of his clients’ missions.

At the helm, John adopts a personal and hands-on leadership style, ensuring that each client attains their articulated objectives. Whether orchestrating meticulous list selections, fostering creative development, or shaping comprehensive campaign strategies, John spearheads the effort to deliver optimal results for clients.

Guided by principles deeply rooted in hands-on involvement, trust-building, and cultivating enduring relationships, John places a premium on honesty, integrity, and leadership—values that form the bedrock of Trinity Direct. Above all, he staunchly believes that the success of each client is not merely a goal but an integral part of Trinity’s own success story.

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Sean Kehoe


With a distinguished 18-year career in fundraising for nonprofit organizations, Sean Kehoe stands as a seasoned veteran in the field. His expertise spans collaboration with both large and small fundraisers, orchestrating services and strategy across the full spectrum of Trinity’s offerings.

Sean’s rich background includes nine years of invaluable experience at Prudential Financial and HIT Entertainment, contributing significantly to Trinity Direct’s elevated success. Sean has been at the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, propelling fundraising initiatives into new dimensions. His fervor for exploring novel avenues in fundraising has empowered current mailers to integrate direct mail with email and social media trends, resulting in improved donor engagement, average gifts, and response rates.

At the heart of Sean’s approach is tailoring plans to the unique needs of each client, aiming not only to achieve but exceed their goals. Embracing Trinity Direct’s renowned full-service approach, Sean employs a holistic understanding of each client’s program, providing tailored strategies and tools to meet their specific needs.

Whether in brokerage, management, data processing, or online fundraising, Sean guides clients to innovate, problem-solve, and work efficiently toward their objectives. His leadership has played a pivotal role in the launch of Trinity’s comprehensive suite of digital fundraising solutions. Sean’s commitment to Trinity’s core values—trust, integrity, and lasting relationships—has been instrumental in the growth and success of the organization.

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Lori Dwyer

Vice President of Brokerage

Serving as Vice President of Brokerage since 2015, Lori brings over 20 years of direct marketing experience to our team. Throughout her career, she has successfully fulfilled executive, analytical and operational roles. Lori’s vast experience is reflected in her efficient and effective multi-channel marketing campaigns, which range from nonprofits to niche publishers and consumer marketers. Earning her B.S. in Marketing from the University of Hartford, she is an integral part of our Trinity Direct team. Her expertise in research, price negotiation, cost analysis, and forecasting make her a valuable asset to our diverse clientele.

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Jamie Proventud

Client Service Specialist

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Manny Ortiz

List Broker

Manny Ortiz has been with Trinity Direct for over 14 years and has been in the direct mail marketing industry for over 20 years. Manny has experience in list management, list fulfillment, and, most recently, in our list brokerage department. Having knowledge and experience within each branch of the industry, Manny has become a vital asset to Trinity Direct. Manny is passionate about providing his clients with detailed analysis and recommendations based on actual results. Some of the clients Manny is currently working with include Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska, Catholic Charities, Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, Ignatius Press, Smithsonian Associates, and St. Mary’s Mission. Manny has significant experience in the industry and prides himself on having great passion for the success of his clients.

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Scott Miller

Director of List Management Services

Scott Miller is Trinity Direct’s List Manager. Scott has close to 40 years of experience in the direct response industry with a heavy concentration in List Management. Scott serves as a primary liaison on major Trinity List Management accounts (Food for the Poor, Magnificat, America Needs Fatima) and is located in Charlotte, NC. Scott has held List Management sales and corporate operations management positions with infoUSA, Walter Karl, and JAMI Marketing Services.

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Maribel Escobales-Ramos

List Management Account Specialist

Since 2018, Maribel Escobales Ramos has been with Trinity Direct serving as List Management Account Specialist. Along with 20 years of experience in the direct mail marketing industry, Maribel brings passion and knowledge to an already seasoned and experienced team. Working along with Scott Miller, Maribel provides superior service to clients across the direct marketing industry and has worked with numerous non-profits that include Ignatius Press, The Legion of Christ and SOAR.

phone: (973) 283-3600 ext. 208
email: [email protected]

Garfield Vassell

Director of Computer Services

Garfield Vassell has over 21 years of experience in the Direct Marketing Industry, in both the consumer and nonprofit sectors. After completing his Computer Science degree in Jamaica, he brought his international expertise to the United States. Specializing in data processing, merge/purge, NCOA, CASS certification, postal sorting, and scanline programming, Garfield is a valuable resource for all of Trinity Direct’s clients.

He works up close and personal with List Brokers and List Managers to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of all aspects of data processing. Garfield engages directly with clients about the data and its intended output. His hands-on approach and attention to detail is essential in achieving positive outcomes for our clients.

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Juan Rios

Computer Services Operator

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Kevin Weir

Director of Creative Services

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Marcia Robinson

Accounting Manager

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